What is EYFS?

EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage sets ethics for the learning, development and care of a child from birth to five years of age. All schools and early year providers registered in Ofsted must follow the EYFS curriculum. EYFS supports a combined approach to early learning and care.
It provides all professionals a set of common values and commitments to provide quality early education and childcare experiences to all children. The EYFS framework or curriculum gives the parents the confidence that regardless of whatever school they choose for their child’s early education, they can be guaranteed that the same constitutional commitments and principles will support their child’s learning and development experience.

In the EYFS curriculum, your child will mostly be taught through games and playing. There are different areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation best nurseries in dubai. These include physical development, communication and language, literacy, mathematics, personal, social and emotional development, expressive arts and design, and understanding the world.

Assessments will also be made. A child’s progress will be reviewed and checked when he or she is between two and three years old by an early years practitioner or health visitor. When children turn five years old, their class teacher will assess them at the end of the school year. You do not have to worry and be anxious, because your child would not be tested. The assessment is just based on classroom observation. The assessment uses the early learning goals which can be found in the early years curriculum.

If you think that an area of the EYFS curriculum conflicts your philosophical or religious beliefs, you can talk to your child’s early years provider. The provider will tell you if you need to ask for an exemption. Your child would not have to take part in a specific learning area for twelve months.

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